Multi-Ownership Houseboats

Purchase an ownership portion of a luxury houseboat

Multi-Owner Houseboats

What does it mean?

Where owning a private houseboat by yourself is expensive and timeshares are not allowed at Lake Powell, Multi-Owner Houseboats bring together the best of both worlds. You have the opportunity to become an equal owner in a luxury houseboat. Each “ownership share” comes with the right to use your boat during your chosen time each year. It also allows you to use the boat whenever none of the other owners are using it, a.k.a. “off-season” time. Each houseboat is owned by an LLC, specifically created for ownership of the boat, in which you own an equal part of. You have equity in your houseboat vs no equity when renting. This isn’t just a right to use another company’s physical property – this is your opportunity to Command the Waters on your very own luxury Yacht!

Long Term Value

We provide a consistently higher quality Lake Powell vacation with a richer experience. This alternative to houseboat rental and purchase has a much more sustainable long-term value.

Affordable Luxury

Our Multi-Owner houseboat program allows a large group of individuals to share/own a luxury houseboat by splitting the cost of the houseboat making it more affordable and practical for everyone.

Maximize Ownership

Often, you are not limited to the weeks in your purchased share – Maximize your opportunities for “off season” houseboating! 



Our Customized Fleet

Our 2017 fleet is being custom built with multiple levels, bathrooms, appliances and only the highest standards of dining and living. See your ship being built before your eyes this season!


We have introduced the X Series into our fleet, and have enhanced the original and most popular yachts within the fleet. All of our yachts feature exclusive cutting-edge designs and ultra-luxurious upgrades at affordable prices.

Luxury Houseboats

The country’s finest houseboats are at your fingertips, waiting for your vision to be crafted into a reality. With world class styling and design, precise engineering and quality craftsmanship, these houseboats are the quintessence of high end vacationing. 

Multi-Owner Houseboats vs Houseboat Timeshares

Not a Timeshare

While houseboat Timeshares at Lake Powell are not allowed, our Multi-Owner houseboat program is NOT a Time Share and while it may have an echoing of the structure you find with a timeshare it is really very different. With a timeshare the owner of the “time share unit” is simply owning the right to “use” time and does not actually own any % of a physical asset. In other words, the company who is selling you the use of the timeshare actually owns the properties. 

You are an owner of your houseboat. 

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