Innovative Houseboat Manufacturing


The houseboat manufacturing industry has grown even more competitive in the past decade due to the number of developments made in both the design and fabrication fields. Here are only a couple of areas where innovative houseboat manufacturing has improved life on the lake.

Deluxe Kitchens

The kitchen is perhaps the area where luxury is most useful on a houseboat. The innovative houseboat manufacturing techniques of today allow for all proper kitchen appliances to function on the water, and now push beyond function and into appearance.
Natural stone walls and countertops give the kitchen a true presence in the boat, making it feel like an actual room instead of a nook with a fridge and stove wedged inside. The luxury kitchen has finally made its way out to waters.

Exhaust Safety

Bravada and Axiom yachts are equipped with systems that have stealth-stack exhausts so there are no concerns of carbon monoxide poisoning.

By relying on these innovative houseboat manufacturing methods, houseboat makers are now producing the most advanced seafaring homes available. For more information regarding innovative houseboat manufacturing, contact Bravada Yachts by calling 602-278-3536 today.

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