Proper Houseboat Floor Plans Make Boat Living Convenient And Comfortable

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Anyone who has spent time on a houseboat knows that the importance of choosing a boat with a good floor plan cannot be understated. Houseboats are notorious for feeling cramped to people who have never been on them before, but proper houseboat floor plans can minimize this feeling and help every guest feel like they have enough space and privacy.

A good floor plan for a houseboat will make it easy for everyone to reach the essential areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, and storage areas. Restrooms should be easily accessible from either end of the boat or from any of the main rooms. A wide hallway or two narrower hallways are essential so that people can come and go freely. Plenty of open space in the kitchen or dining area is also a must, since people will be gathered there for meals and downtime. Since bad weather can force houseboat guests below deck, it is important to honestly evaluate how comfortable the main area would be with all of your party in it for a prolonged period of time.

Good use of storage space is also an essential thing to look at when comparing houseboat plans. Houseboat living requires that you bring a significant amount of supplies into a smaller space for periods ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Smart space utilization is essential. The best houseboats will provide storage space overhead, under furniture such as the bed, and below the floor. The way that a floor plan utilizes the dead space around furniture and walls can really be a deciding factor when you get further into the search for the right houseboat.

Finally, when looking at floor plans for a houseboat, consider the fact that small changes carry more weight than they would if you were looking at a house on land. The maximum width difference between most houseboats, for instance, is ten feet. Even a difference this small, though, can become readily noticeable when you are spending several days at the same location in close quarters with other people. Differences in dimensions and openness should not be dismissed as unimportant or viewed as something that you can compromise on, because they truly make a difference in your enjoyment of the boat.

If you do find a boat with a good floor plan, you will find that living on a houseboat does not feel at all crowded or awkward. Good houseboat floor plans make living as comfortable and convenient as it would be on land. It is worth the effort, then, to find a houseboat with a truly superior floor plan if you are preparing to buy or even rent one.

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