What is the difference between a shared owner or fractional boat and a timeshare?

A timeshare only allows you to use the time on a boat. In a shared owner boat (also called a “fractional” boat) you actually own part of the boat and are entitled to a set amount of time on it each year.

What does the annual maintenance cover?

Your annual maintenance fee covers all slip fees, dock power, insurance and all necessary maintenance. If there is any excess money at the end of any year, it rolls over to the next year.

What is a turn-around fee?

After each trip an owner takes, he/she is charged a “turn-around” fee. This fee covers a professional cleaning crew to come and clean the boat so it looks brand new for the next owner. This fee also covers piloting services, re-fueling and pumping out the holding tanks.

Do I need a license to drive a houseboat?

Houseboats under 75 feet long may be driven without a pilot’s license. Houseboats 76 feet and longer require a pilot’s license. For pilot’s license info please contact us.

Regarding ownership, how are the boats organized?

Each houseboat is owned by a Utah based LLC with membership units being owned by the members. The LLC holds the title to the boat free and clear. An annual meeting of the members will be held to allow the collective group to elect a manager, review finances, discuss any issues that may arise and propose resolutions to be voted on.

Are houseboats a good investment?

Although it can be cheaper than renting in the long run, owners should not view their houseboat as an investment, it will depreciate.

Can I loan or rent out my share?

No. The legal and insured owner must be on the boat every time the boat leaves the marina or is underway.

Can I have pets or smoke on the boat?

No. Pets and smoking are prohibited on the boats.