Custom Built Houseboats

Houseboat - Bravada

When spending your hard-earned money on a luxury item like a houseboat, attempting to meet every single specification can become a difficult task when shopping for prefabricated models. The more one tours these large vessels, the pickier the mind can become. Rather than set yourself up for heartbreak later, get everything you want the first time by shopping for custom built houseboats.

High Degree of Customization Available

Not only can the floor plan be customized, but many of the interior materials are also customizable. After all, what good is a personally designed floor plan when you don’t get to select from what materials they are built? From luxurious wooden bars to marble and granite kitchen facades and countertops, the most durable and attractive features of houses are easily installed within a vessel as well.

How to Achieve Your Perfect Customization

Turning to the houseboat manufacturers with your personal specifications is the best way to ensure that they build the boat you desire. Their regular handling of custom built houseboats and amazing customer rapport will make your houseboat purchasing experience an extremely agreeable one. To learn more about custom built houseboats, contact Bravada & Axiom Yachts at 602-278-3536 now.

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