Cost of Living on a Houseboat Can Be Much Less Than Living on Land

Houseboat - Luxury Detail

People all around the world have discovered the freedom and joy of living full time on the water. In fact, the cost of living on a houseboat can be less than living in a comparable sized home on land and is often cheaper. Depending on where you anchor your boat and what kind of vessel it is, the monthly cost can be as little as half a month’s rent in a nice apartment or small house.

Fun and Adventure Right Outside the Door

One of the most advantageous aspects of life on a house boat is that adventure is right outside the door. Rather than drive four hours to launch onto the water, houseboat residents are already there. This is perfect for people who crave outdoor adventures and do not mind
having sea legs after long stints on their boat.

Energy Use

Most boats run on diesel fuel which is one of the most efficient forms of petroleum. This combined with a house boat’s relatively small size means that energy expenses are often less than in a home. A boat anchored in open waters must rely on its own fuel source, while a boat in a marina can usually hook up to metered power. Purchasing energy either in the form of diesel fuel or from the marinas is a cost of living on a houseboat, but it is no different than paying for power and gas while on land.

Boat Maintenance

One of the more notable houseboat costs is regular maintenance. Unlike permanent, land dwelling homes, boats need to be seaworthy in order to be lived in. This may require frequent repairs which can add up. However, when everything is totaled, maintenance fees are easily overshadowed by the monthly cost of renting or owning a house.

Taxes and Fees

Even people who live on the water full time are obliged to pay some taxes and fees. However, they are generally less than those who live in houses or condos. It is important to declare that your residence is a boat—otherwise the government may charge a penalty for unpaid taxes. Another potential fee is the charge for boats docked at a marina. People who love living on their boat will gladly pay these fees in exchange for the special type of freedom of sea life. Even if they seldom undock their boat from the marina, the possibility is always there. If you have always wanted to live free from the confines of land, consider the cost savings of living on a houseboat. Not only can you potentially save money, but you can live your dream while doing it.

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